The Importance of Maintaining Your Roof

While cleaning your home’s interior might be on your weekly to-do list, cleaning the roof of your home might take place at much more occasional intervals. Like your home’s interior spaces, your roof can greatly benefit from routine roof cleanings and inspection. Whether you have traditional or modern roof all types our needing annual cleaning.

Longevity Power Wash specializes in soft wash application for roofs. Not using hot or pressure washer method we use the leading best chemical made just for roofs. We are Certified in Osha 10 hour training and also have extensive certifications.  We strive on preparation for every job being planned with success before we get started.

Below is a list of reasons why it’s best to have your roof cleaned annually.

  • Keeps your gutters clog-free and clean: Small animals, leaves, and debris can clog the gutters and compromise their effectiveness, which may lead to anything from irreparable damage to your home’s foundation to unsightly water stains on your siding. Expert roof cleaning reduces the likelihood of clogged gutters, resulting in improved performance.

  • Extend your roof’s life: When the wood decays, moisture enters through the cracks and triggers an environment welcoming to mold growth. And the growth of mold in a home can cause health hazards to people and pets. You should not disregard roof stains. With a gentle roof wash, expensive roof repairs can be prevented before any irreparable damage to your roof takes place.

  • Insurance cover: Insurance providers are increasingly demanding that property owners have their roofs cleaned. Insurance providers understand that untreated roof stains will adversely affect the roof’s overall integrity, which can also result in mold growth in your home. Roof stains are regarded as ‘risks,’ which may cost them money in a claim Sometimes reporting having annual roof cleaning could reduce insurances premiums.

  • Reflection of sunlight: Heat is absorbed by the algae covered shingles, hence super-heating your attic and increasing the cost of your cooling. Gently and safely and totally gets rid of the staining, restoring the roof back to its natural health and effectiveness.

  • Avoid costly reroofing services: Installing a new roof on a home can be time-consuming and expensive undertaking. To help you avoid the need to replace the roof, you need to be sure to have the roof cleaned at least once every eighteen months. Cleaning the roof will prolong the longevity of your roofing shingles, and will help you save on re-roofing costs down the road.

  • Improve curb appeal: A roof that is dirty detracts from your home’s curb appeal. If you overlook those unsightly roof stains, regardless of what else you do to improve the exterior of your home; those stains will be the primary focal point of the exterior of your home. Whether you simply want to enhance your home’s exterior, or it is up for sale, cleaning your roof is an effective method to transform your older home into an attractive and stunning home.

  • Shingle damage: If your roof is finished with asphalt shingles, it is essential to schedule frequent roof cleaning services. Over time, dirt and moss can cause serious damage when they work their way under the surface of the shingles. By having your roof cleaned before you start to see moss forming on your shingles, will help to make sure that your roofing materials last for long.

  • Improves the energy efficiency of your home: If you are unfamiliar with the term “cool roof,” it denotes roofs that are optimized to decrease heat absorption. Color selection plays a huge part in this since light colors bounce solar heat and sunlight back up to its source, similar to just like how putting on light-colored clothing can keep you cooler on a sunny day. Dark stains or streaks trap excess heat in your attic, which increases the needs of your indoor cooling and, as a result, your energy bills. A light-colored, clean roof decreases heat absorption, leading to less needed indoor cooling.