Fuel Station Cleaning

Gas stations need regular cleaning more than typical facilities in almost any other industry. Clients interact directly with the exterior of your business, often leaving a mess at your pump and parking areas. For customers, the appearance of a gas station may be the only information they use to choose between your facility and a competitor, it is proven that consumers feel safer and prefer doing business at retail sites that maintain a clean facility.

Oil, gas and gum stains can be difficult to reverse, but Longevity Power Wash can renew the look of your station while eliminating damage to your equipment and the surrounding environment. Many stations including small convenience stores will benefit from power washing of the canopy, pumps, concrete pad, building, sidewalks, signs. Longevity Power Wash understands Station owners want to have a clean, attractive place of business. They want to look good and attract customers.

We strive on the concept planning, preparation, and professionalism feeds success. We Strive to clean between the hours were less traffic of congested. Both pedestrian, vehicles, and employees of our own safety should be well accounted for. Also never wanting you, the client loosing revenue. Longevity Power Wash offer night and/or on weekdays to fit our clients scheduling. And at warmer latitudes and in summer, cleaning at night is cooler and reduces environmental issues (e.g., generation of volatile chemicals that are restricted as pollutants).A degreaser or solvent may be needed for spot cleaning at most fuel station. Also the ability to produce hot water for cleaning. We choose a biodegradable chemical, approved for use in the jurisdiction where work will be performed. We choose and work closely with environmental regulators when choosing the chemical for use. [For instance, wastewater collection and proper discharge of wash water will have to meet all expectations and permitting requirements of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), which is an outgrowth of the Clean Water Act of 1987.] We offer a wastewater recovery system if needed for project.