Our Recovery System

Recovery, the action or process of regaining possession or control of something or substances. So when developing our recovery system it’s just that. The recovery of waste water able to be re-directed and discarded from the location of the job performed. We use this system when dealing with pedestrian traffic or chemical control. It removes waste water, which is not able to be discarded in local draining. Compliance with rules of local water plant regulations.

This system was developed with engineering to work with our 275-gallon tank which would allow us to do at least 500 to 1000 square feet of continuous work before discarding. This system works great when doing mechanical garages, parking lots, fuel stations, driveways and etc. It was developed to work correspond with our 18-inch surface cleaner so no wand, lance or high-pressure gun needed.

We’re very proud of this system which we get very excited to show live demos to all of our clients. Just ask about it even if it’s not needed for the job at hand. With the surface cleaner and hot water no job is too big or too much for this system to properly clean in most weather conditions.